3 Million Dollar Secrets for Artists to Stay on Top and Make
Multi-Millions of Dollars During Your Career…
Are you a struggling artist or musician?
I mean, with the endless amount of conflicting advice on the internet right now, it can be difficult to decide what move to make next…
And the wild west of new artists in the game right now makes it even harder for you!
Multiply this with the fact that there’s probably people in your life telling you to reconsider your career choice and discouraging you, making it all the more overwhelming.
Today’s post is both simple and direct. I’m not here to overwhelm you with impractical advice.
So here are the 3 most important factors that are responsible for new artists to breakthrough in the music industry…
1. Pay Attention To The Trends.
Haven’t you ever heard “Find what works and copy it”?
Don’t be a Columbus. Understand your market. 
What seems to be the hottest trend right now? How can you jump on that and take advantage?
No, you don’t need colorful hair and face tattoos. Just find your ideal fan or audience, and make similar music to what they seem to like.
2. Market Your Persona  Over Your Music…
WHAT? How dare I suggest that you stop marketing your tracks?!
Here’s the thing. Good music is literally everywhere. Do not expect your fans to be innovators and jump on your music, especially if you have no existing fanbase.
We live in a day and age where artists do not gain popularity because they have the best music out there…
They attract ATTENTION. Lil Pump is famous because of his persona, not his “lyrical skills.”
Stand out from the crowd…
3. Put out YOUR BEST work, and only your best work.
Don’t overwhelm your audience with content.
If a song doesn’t meet your own highest standard, do not assume it will meet your fan’s standard.
Final Thoughts…
Do FREE gigs. Your potential fans won’t know you exist unless you step right in front of them.
You are not going to take off by accident.
Trust me. That artist that looks like he blew up out of nowhere? He did a lot of stuff behind the scenes to make that happen.
If you don’t take what I just shared with you seriously, you may suffer from regret down the line.
So implement.
Easy boss 😉
-Damon Wylde.