I might have just found a new formula for your goals to take off in 2019…



It seems simple but give this some thought: Last month I felt super discouraged and misorganized in my business – and 3 days ago I found the solution to the problem.



Every morning before you begin work, just think about how totally, undeniably, immensely SURE you are that you’re going to succeed in the very near future (For this to work, you must completely ditch your logic and focus on FEELING absolute trust & belief in this outcome. Once you do this, you suddenly become clearer on what actions have to be taken to attain it.)


Next, you want to roundhouse kick yourself in the ass and say “screw everything else that I’ve been wasting all my valuable time doing”…

Instead, you will totally, intensely focus on the 2 or 3 things that are most important.

Then, you only put your attention on those few things.

For me, these things are:

  1. Communication-Action

(This consists of recording & posting video trainings, following up in my DM messages on social media and networking with positive people every day.)


2. Mastering a High Income Skill.

(Right now, for me its Copywriting. Selling on paper. I might just write my own copy or model somebody else’s copy just for practise.)


These are just the 2 things making the biggest impact on my results.

Therefore I eliminate everything else from my mind.

Steve Jobs defined “Focus” not as saying yes to more projects, rather it’s saying NO to the things that are not as important to you.

Ever heard the 80/20 rule?

They say 20% of the things you do eachday are responsible for 80% of your results.

Holy sh!t.

Take this to heart. Write a top 10 list of the things you’re doing each day and circle the 2 things making the biggest difference…

Take action now.

Hope you enjoyed today’s “words through a screen”.

Live your MoreLife.