Why isn’t this a top ten list?

I firmly believe in the power of experience over knowledge.

Action over activity. Movement over meditation.

Honestly, I could give you all the best books in the world and if you did nothing with them, guess how far that would get you…damn straight, nowhere at all.

So does that mean you should never meditate and never learn?

You definitely should. These are still vital for your success.

But I’m going to teach you a secret right now. Are you ready?

If you can take these books, and apply these time-tested and million dollar concepts that are within them, you will advance so fast in many areas of life; you’re not even going to know what happened.

So without further ado, here are the TOP 5 BOOKS to read this year…


5. Psycho-Cybernetics: Maxwell Maltz

How to use your automatic mechanism, formulas for success, visualization tactics, delving into your subconscious brain?

This is the go to book to change your self -image, eliminate faulty beliefs, and practically reprogramming yourself. This book was written nearly 60 years ago and still applies today, in fact it always will.

This book is based in science, (of course I never recommend anything that isn’t) rather than scrub advice that we see so often in the mainstream narrative.

Very good stuff.


4. Influence – The Psychology of Persuasion: Dr. Cialdini

How often do you communicate with others?

With something as important as your communication skills, it’d be crazy not to study some of the most basic and effective principles of influence known to us.

Being influential is one of the best skills to master, and one of the greatest keys there is to attracting wealth, friends and an abundance of relationships.

(PSST, bonus hack you won’t hear anywhere else: The principles of influence inside this book extend far beyond what you’d expect to use them for. Us humans, we’re hardwired to respond to influence, thus the same methods applied to business can be applied in order to create connections, attract the opposite sex or pretty much anything else you can think of. It seriously counts to be applying these in your everyday life.)

Strongly recommend picking up the tactics outlined in this classic book.


3. Higher Status: Jason Capital

An online seduction, life and success coach discovered the shocking power of status long ago, and he’s given the same life-changing secrets away in his book Higher Status.

The book is filled with formulas, techniques and exercises that you can actually apply, so the change is pretty effortless. In the book you’ll learn the greatest weapon of influence known to mankind (it’s been around for hundreds of thousands of years).

This is a great book, and it will likely cause dramatic growth in your personal AND financial life. I’d check online for it, Capital has been selling free copies of it for some time now.


2. The 50th Law: Robert Greene and 50 Cent

The reason this book makes the list, aside from it being a great read, is totally non-related to the book itself. It has everything to do with one of the most powerful, most crucial and YET most underrated causes of success that exists…

The Law of Environmental Exposure. When I refer to success, you know I’m not just talking money. I mean being who you want, getting who and what you want and more, and it all comes down to who you associate with. Here’s a relief, it doesn’t necessarily have to be in person.

Having virtual mentors, coaches and good exposure to your role models through books and computer screens is powerful on its own. This is why I recommend you read the biographies of great men, (ideally every night before bed). Steve Jobs, 50 Cent, Michael Jordan, Julius Ceasar, whoever inspires you. If that person has a biography, do yourself a favour and buy it right now. Study that person. Pick up on their habits, mindsets and worldviews as you read and you’re going to notice them seeping into you too. Pretty amazing right?As a side-note, this is why having a mentor, whether virtual or in real life is such a valuable and incomparable advantage to have. If you can afford it, pay someone to coach you one and one, in real life or over the phone,

I’m certain that is a decision that you will never regret.


1. The Key: Damon Wylde

Okay fine, so here’s a tiny bit of self-promotion here, but fuck it. After the expert recommendations I’ve just given you, it makes sense to include my book in here as well.

The Key is a genuinely life-changing system to go through. I designed the book strategically, with it being built solely on action-based (result guaranteed) tactics and methods.

Honestly, it’s not like anything you’ve ever read before because it’s the total opposite of most shitty, opinion based self-help books you see today. Also, this isn’t just me talking. I’ve received enough testimonials at this point to back it up.

I like to keep most of my products exclusive, for the serious V.I.P Wylde-Life members only.

That’s why the only place you can find this book is by being on the email newsletter.

How do you get on that list? You enter your email on this website, you get a free gift from me, and if you’re interested after that, you’ll find a link to a private page and receive The Key at a 50% OFF deal. (Pretty awesome indeed.)

If you’re looking to go through any kind of personality transformation, or transcend to new levels in your life right now, this will certainly be the book for you.

Pick any one of these books to start with today. Pick one and make the decision to go get it ASAP. I want you to train your action taking muscle, because overtime, once it gets jacked, you’re going to be pretty much unstoppable in dominating your everyday life.

All the best things come to those who invest in themselves and make bold decisions, so knowing this, start training it now. Do it because you love yourself. Anyway, let’s leave off here shall we?

Until next time BOSS  🙂