Here’s a message I just stumbled across from our Morelife brother Nuran…

“Hi Damon,

I was wondering in your next newsletter if you could touch on the subject of money. we all have different views on life and different perspectives on it, I have mine too. I believe that The Game Of Life is Money and Money is The Game Of Life. I know it comes off as a little controversial. However Money really does rule the world whether people like to believe it or not. We live In a world where money is seen as ‘The root of all evil’ and ‘Money can’t buy happiness’ and yada yada yada. I’d really appreciate it if you could highlight the significance and importance of money in your next Newsletter and some tips on how to avoid negative self talk regarding money because that’s what keeps people BROKE! 
Your Student 
Yo Nuran,
If you’re ready to allow the enormous amount of influence, wealth, fun and excitement  that’s been hiding from you (because you lack the 3 second insight about to reveal)…
Then I invite you to read every word on this page.
Here are my thoughts for now on the topic of money…
Everything you attain in Life, from wealth to women will be controlled by one of two paradigms.
Attracting Vs Chasing.
In a paradigm of chase, you’re desperate to obtain the outcome of money. You’re trying to “get”.
In a paradigm of Attraction or Inspiration, you are simply focused on becoming, or being aligned with your goals and mission.
Attraction is one of those undeniable truths or laws of the universe. The force of attracting what you want, through thought, action and habit is 10x more powerful and driving than when you are feeling attached to the pursuit of something.
The formula for attraction is simple.
Focus on WHAT you are accomplishing + WHO  you are becoming, and follow a proven system that works.
I’m here to help you in becoming the most attractive, magnetic version of yourself with wealth and freedom.
So feel free to send me replies or raise questions 🙂
Now I got to go and record a valuable video for my upcoming program S.A.S.
I can’t reveal it just yet, but like all my programs, it’s going to be the quickest and simplest installation of success-transforming skills on the planet. I’m super pumped about it!
For now I gotta jet, catch ya later 😉