I might have just found a new formula for your goals to take off in 2019…     It seems simple but give this some thought: Last month I felt super discouraged and misorganized in my business – and 3 days ago I found the solution to the problem. FAITH & PRIORITIZATION. Faith Every morning before… Read More

I’m not your guru… Hey! I thought Tony Robbins’ recent Netflix special “I Am Not Your Guru’ was totally awesome.. But in today’s advice we’re not really going to be talking about my love for Tony Robbins… You’re going to read about how you can be even more magnetic and compassionate in your relationships. We all… Read More

Merry Thanksgiving! Wait, did I say that right??   If you’re American, then today is a day all about Praise, Love, Appreciation…   …and FOOD. Lots of food. 🙂   Yet in between all of the turkey and stuffing, it’s easy to forget the true values that Thanks-giving is all about.   Instead of spending today fretting about your goals, ambitions… Read More

The Curse of Knowledge… However I explain a concept won’t make as much sense to them as it does for me, but I don’t realize this because I understand it fully already. Therefore, I must simplify it as best as possible. What I’ve learned recently is that sometimes, success is found in the simple… I find this… Read More

Here’s a message I just stumbled across from our Morelife brother Nuran… “Hi Damon, I was wondering in your next newsletter if you could touch on the subject of money. we all have different views on life and different perspectives on it, I have mine too. I believe that The Game Of Life is Money and… Read More

“How can I get better sleep at night?” -Steve W Today’s article will be short and sweet.   For the sake of keeping things simple…   Ensuring you take action on my answer…   Here are 3 easy strategies to improve your sleep and energy as soon as TONIGHT…   1. Stop drinking caffeine 10… Read More

So you’ve made it here to this page. That already tells me about you. You’re driven by action, and desire for success. I felt very compelled to get this book in your hands for no extra charge. I want to see your fastest possible transformation and the basic principles for success that I’ve laid out… Read More

We have a special guest post today;  Mikail is a self development blogger, ever since a kid he’s been passionate about helping people become who they want, and unleash the life they’ve always wanted. His mission is to change many lives and help those who never thought they could do it. Join him as he… Read More