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Could you imagine Always knowing what to say, where you're going and what you are doing in life with the up-most clarity?! ...

Would you like a clear ready-to-go system to bypass "The whirlwind of chaos " of confusion and frustration that often comes with success? The problem with feeling stuck, is that you know exactly what needs to change, but truthfully, you're not sure HOW to get unstuck!

You don't know what you don't know, right?

For absolute life breathing freedom, happiness and impact, while you jump through barriers of social mastery, success and wealth acquisition, and strategies for the ultimate intelligence and awareness, jump on your first trial run with Canada's #1 Life Transformation coach Damon Wylde...


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  • Coaching Session With Damon Wylde Includes... 3 Private Strategies Tailored To Fit Your Lifestyle ($947 $47) Thirty-Minute Call (One-Time-Only Offer!)
  • Three Magnetic Money Secrets You Can't Resist Bonus...
  • The Paint Your Dreams Formula ($97 Value)
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Just know that if that's NOT YOU, I'm warning you now, you'll probably feel more comfortable plugged backed into the matrix instead of with our team of leaders.

AS Emerson said; "Most men live lives quiet desperation." 

Of course he meant men and women who avoid risk-taking.

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3. show up with credit card on hand or papal....

4. Damon Wylde is very busy, so it's important for him to work with quick-decision makers.

5. During the call you'll get to go through an exclusive qualification process for the private mentorship.

Are you committed to 1000Xing 
the skill development of success?...


Can you believe what Warren Buffet calls the #1 SKILL for success?

Social skills. That's right, being a magnetic and influential master of communication is more important to your success in business, and your relationships than almost anything. That's why it's the second essential phase we go through in the Morelife Academy trainings. Becoming a conversation god, a customer magnet and a playboy are all included.


The SECOND most important skill? The ability to make sound, solid decisions, based in logic, rather than fear. The ability to use accurate thinking, organized planning and specialized knowledge is the fastest route success.  These are all signs of high success-intelligence, and at MoreLife we never stop training it with psychological methods, paradigm shifts and more.


What the hell are we living for anyway? Everything we strive for in life usually comes back to one driving motivator... HAPPINESS. We want to be happy, we want freedom and joy in our lives. Peace of mind. More Life would not feel complete without its emphasis on emotional mastery, using state of the art tactics and psychology for a body, spirit and mind in alignment, so you can reach your fullest peak, and feel like f*cking man while you do it. Love yourself. Love your life. Remind yourself of this love through your actions, betting on your own success, taking every necessary risk and action to get ahead.

should you Hesitate?
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Am I a consultant? NO. 

I'm not someone that you "consult with" for an hour or so (whatever that means)..

Am I a guru? Hell no. I'm not even a coach, I'm not just here to motivate you...

I'm your "success agent", but what does having a personal agent provide? A movie agent is responsible for giving his clients exactly the script they need, so they can easily go out and implement. I don't operate much differently. 

You call me about a specific issue, I tell you exactly what to do next, and it's just as simple as using what you learn from me, and my background in neuro-psychology, success and development.

Sounds pretty good, right?

Best way I heard it put to me is like this; When you invest in a course, you're being shown HOW to do it.  

When you buy a high-ticket training program, that's like having someone do it WITH you...

When you go ALL the way and invest in coaching... that's you having me, get the results FOR you.

I help my client's get to their destination with faster... by instilling YOUR preference of trait or skill in your mind... 

With the habits and behavioral trainings of success, we create purely psychological transformations, that translate into their physical counterparts. Physical results.

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