“How can I get better sleep at night?” -Steve W

Today’s article will be short and sweet.
For the sake of keeping things simple…
Ensuring you take action on my answer…
Here are 3 easy strategies to improve your sleep and energy as soon as TONIGHT…
1. Stop drinking caffeine 10 hours before bed. (“Night caps” also reduce deep REM sleep).
2. Eliminate all electronics and stimulation atleast 1 hour before bed.
3. Sleep in total darkness
Try implementing one or all of these as soon as tonight.
Let me know how it goes for you.
D.W out 😉
BIG P.S… I love overdelivering. Here are a few extra tips to take with you:
  • Don’t go to bed too full or too hungry. (Have a small but filling meal a few hours before).
  • BEST Diet for Sleep = High Fibre + LOW Starchy Carbs.
  • RECORD your sleep patterns. (Try recording yourself one night and listen to the audio. It’s vital to make sure you do not suffer from improper breathing which can deeply impair sleep quality.)