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First off, I really do not want you to purchase this product if you plan on taking it for granted. You’re about to learn why this product is more special than anything else you’ve ever read.

Second thing: For you to purchase this product, you must have an open mind. It isn’t meant for those just looking for ways to find error, or take advantage of it and ask for their money back.

PS: I do guarantee your money back in full, that’s how sure I am you won’t want it.

3 Things...

Below are 3 very common issues that the biggest fans of this book had prior to reading it.

I'm happy to hear that every one of these problems have now been deleted permanently from their lives. 

Take a look and if any one of these is even remotely relatable to you, this will be worth your time.

1. If you frequently feel overwhelmed or have lack of direction in your life...keep reading.

2. If you struggle just trying to relax or have fun, but it seems to come more naturally to others...


3. Or if you’ve had enough missing out on valuable oppertunities because of the vibes you unwittingly gave off…

then keep reading.

I bet you still don't believe that I can make these changes happen in you, huh? That I've really stumbled upon something that will fix all of that? 

Don't worry... I didn't at first either... Until I TRIED these out myself..


All you need for this to work for you are 2 simple skills:

1. Ability to read (yeah, just regular reading skills) 

 2. Ability to click the button

Original Price $147

Special Launch Price $49!

Pretty easy right? Maybe you're thinking "what's the catch??" The truth is, there is no 'catch'. The reason I'm generously giving this information away to you today is because I myself, know what it's like to feel unhappy and stuck. 

No I wasn't born with impenetrable happiness. Nor was I gifted with this knowledge. It was a hard journey I was forced to embark on all alone.

Truth is, I grew up depressed, tired and felt helpless for many years. 

No matter what friends I gained, relationships I entered or things I’d try to accomplish, I’d inevitably ruin it.

I was a self-destructive artist.

It felt like I kept getting shot back every time things were going good.

It wasn’t until I reached my breaking point, when I decided I couldn’t just run away from my problems all my life. And how I was feeling was not a satisfying way to live life.


It's hard to admit, but in my lowest moments, I even entertained thoughts of suicide..

I hated myself. I didn’t enjoy the life I was living. I never got to experience feeling “good.” I concluded that everything was pointless.

And I’ve never shared that with anyone until now. 

The reason I decided to share it with you, despite not even knowing each other (yet) is because

maybe you can relate.

No, maybe you’re not on the verge of suicide, but you've felt similar emotions.


Weighed Down?




Honestly I don’t know, but it doesn’t matter much at this point.

Because on an uplifting note, I did get out of that rut. And here I am today.

Writing this for you now.

The fact is, I was scared of death. I needed another way out.

That was an ‘enough is enough’ moment. I knew I had to turn it around fast.

Who was I to be thinking of ending it? When I knew so many people had it worse than I did. What kind of solution would that be?

I became driven to discover the real sources of happiness.

It wasn't easy.

I had to ignore all the bullshit the media was telling people would make them happy.

That clearly wasn't it.

Of course material items weren't the answer either.

I became passionately obsessed with understanding why accomplishment, riches or even validation from others couldn't fill the void that so many of us were feeling. They were all just very temporary fixes.

There had to be something more to it right?

It wasn't until a year later that it finally unraveled before my eyes...

I Realized...

1. Happiness couldn't be bought or earned.

2.  90 percent of us are drowning in our own sea of despair! We're reaching for happiness through status. rewards, accomplishments and others yet it isn't lasting us.

My Success Story

Today I'm successful, evolved, driven. I'm Happy. (capital H!)

Everyday I wake up full of energy, excited about life. 

That's not even a brag either. I want you to know that this change can happen in anyone.  It can happen for you.

My point is this: I'm living a life that at a time not so long ago, was merely a dream for me. A life I longed for but didn't believe was possible. 

I learned several valuable things along the way that led me here.

Here's the coolest part for you!

Guess what? You will never have to embrace the trial and error that I did. 

I've done that for you and I've compiled all my findings right here.

Not only are you bypassing that, you're gonna get there so much faster than it took me.


Good question. I wouldn't even consider this a self help book though. I'd call it an Action Book or a How To if you will. I'd rather skip the B.S and tell you the exact formula to get the results. It's written out step by step.

Simply put, my methods are not only much more practical, they're undeniably effective.

The Reason I Stand Out Among The Rest

  • check
    Because I'm not selling you temporary joy or false pride. I'm giving you permanent changes.
  • check
    Because of the countless success stories I hear from people that it worked for. 
  • check
    I'll layout step by step, the most honest solutions to whatever it is you're going through.   Whatever it is. 
  • I have a deep desire to help many people get the same results.

I Want That For You.
I want More people to experience what we're experiencing.
Right now. 

Because you know what? Life is about getting more and being more. Wanting more is not about being 'ungrateful' as many other unhappy people will try to tell you. We're here to live our lives to the fullest. We live moment to moment. Wouldn't you want to make the most out of as many moments as you could? Do you want to enjoy those moments so that when the day comes, that you are lying on your death bed, you don't look back and think "Why did I take it all so for granted?" Me neither. That's exactly what this book is about. 

Keep one thing in mind: This book is NOT some abstract philosophies that I expect you to hear and suddenly your life is changed. Many other products out there do that. That’s precisely why I’m so confident that my system beats everything else out there.

You are 1 in 400 Trillion

Those are the odds of you being here right now, as who you are, in the place you were born and at the right time. 

That's a crazy number right? Imagine flipping a coin 30,000 times in a row and every single time, it landed on its edge. Those were your odds. Life is a celebration. It would be a shame to waste that...

It's Finally Here!
The Key To Happiness
Original Price:$147
Today Special Launch Price:$49


Chapters 1-10: Outer

-Proven Methods and Techniques

-The Unbeatable Secret Strategies

Chapters 11-20: Inner

The mind altering concepts you've been waiting for.

Forget what you previously thought about "happiness"... 

In fact toss those limiting views in the garbage.

Luckily, my expertise in this subject is based on FACT. Not just research, but actual EXPERIENCE. 


However I know that this book should cost way more than it does. 

But I wouldn't expect too many people to put loads of cash down on a book. Hell, neither would I.

You've gotten access for a lot less. 

In order to make real changes, I'd like to get this in as many hands as I can. 

So is the price worth it to you?

It's guaranteed to set off some mini epiphanies in you and I'm super excited about it. 

Hopefully you'll just take advantage of this offer while you still can.

Because you may be thinking "$49 for a book?? That's too much!" 

Well this is NOT simply a book. We're talking about unlocking hidden gems you've never heard of. Gaining the ability to control your energy, your moods and your life. So that you'll never have to feel like shit again.

How's that sound? Because truth be told, if $49 isn't worth changing your entire life, then maybe the life just isn't meant for you. That's the harsh reality. 

If you're STILL unsure, have a look at what others said about it....

"I’ve gotten more energy waking up each morning...."

"One of my best online purchases yet! I used to get up feeling cranky and unmotivated. In the last week since I started reading this, I’ve gotten more energy waking up each morning. Thank you Damon!" Dylan R

Dylan R


"A game changer..."

"“I didn't trust online products before this but that was a huge misjudgment. This book was a game changer for me and one of the better decisions I’ve made. And I've bought 5 other eBooks since lol. Let me know as soon as you've got more products out though ;)" -Jensen E

Jensen E


Finally Introducing...
The Key To Happiness

Get everything below before it's all gone. Includes:

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You are fully protected by a 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee

Look, if this purchase doesn't give you the results it guarantees. you'll get your money back in full, I believe that much in my product. 

You can even email me about any issue:

No risk no harm.

"I feel great again..."

“Damon man, this book helped me out a ton lately! I'd been feeling down but I've been giving your methods a shot and it's done exactly what you said!. I feel great again. Feel free to use me as a testimonial bro! Keep rocking, Tyler W”"

Tyler W


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David G


"My loyalty as a customer..."

"Damon, I just want to write a thank you letter. This product was better than anything I've tried before, since I rarely find real info that actually works. You have my loyalty as a customer. :)

Catherine K


Before I Go
I Should Make This Clear:


You're not committed to your own greatness

You blame others for your problems

You will settle for a life of quiet desperation.

I really don't want this in the hands of anybody who isn't ready to use its full potential. This is meant for those who cares about themselves deeply and take opportunities when they come to them.

For Example: THIS IS YOURS IF:

  • You’d much prefer taking matters into your own hands instead of waiting around.
  • Any success this brings you will not be used negatively
  • You refuse to get left in the dust. You’d rather be projecting the kind of magnetic vibe that pulls others toward you.
    What You're Getting:

    • A full Guide to unlocking inner joy
    • A How To: Creating Emotions
    • Life Hacks to 10X Your Energy
    • The Next Step in Your Evolution

    That's only the tip of the iceberg...
    KTH has been called a ‘compilation of valuable lessons’ by some.
    Others call it a ‘Complete How-To Guide’ to feeling great 24/7.

    What I haven't told you, is that some of what you're getting inside here is being used by the world's most charismatic leaders.

    Key to Happiness will not only make you happier and completely re-wire your life outlook, it’s also going to give you:

    • Increased confidence
    • Increased energy
    • Insights on the mindsets of the most carefree stars
    • Powerful psychological tactics that you can use to your own benefit.
    • Your laid out action steps in the simplest form possible.

    Are you still worried to take the leap?

    Ever hear the story of Ronald Wayne?

    Ronald Wayne is the third founder of Apple, yet we rarely hear of him.

    How come?

    Only 2 weeks after buying his stake in apple, he figured it was too risky, so he bought out at $2300 because it was a "safer" option.

    Today that stake would be worth 67 billion dollars.

    The lesson to be learned is that taking small risks is a necessary step to achieving anything.

    Granted, I’ve still done my best to make this purchase risk-free.

    Buying anything off the internet takes a certain amount of trust. A lot of the time, you won’t know exactly what you’re getting.

    This is why my product has a 60 day money back guarantee.

    No risk. No harm.

    If this book doesn’t give you the results it guarantees, you’ll get your money back.

    Because honestly, I believe in my products that much. As a natural born perfectionist, I literally cannot allow myself to put out anything but the best. I trust myself and my customers to keep things ethical.

    My hope is that I’ll add so much value to you through this book that you’ll become a fan and this will be the start of a great relationship.

    Last Chance.

    There is zero catch to this offer. This isn’t a membership program, It’s a onetime payment to a new you. Just $49 right now! (originally $147)

    But you gotta understand, I’m not luckier, smarter or more creative than you in any way. Not in the slightest.

    I just flipped this switch and my whole life was forever changed as a result.

    So what’s that worth?

    What’s it worth to confidently go forward in the future always feeling how you should?

    What’s it worth to make a decision that’s not only successful, but incredibly satisfying?

    Knowing that you’re no longer not in control?

    That’s gotta be worth atleast a grand. 

    You’re getting inside information on how to transform your moods no matter where you are at this point.

     Information that’s clearly worth 100x more and I’m practically giving it away.

    Don’t procrastinate and miss out!

    So go ahead and click the button below and let’s get your pdf download instantly sent straight to your device.

    "In the end, the only one who can help you is you.” -Frank Sinatra

    Only you can click. Only you can apply it to your life.

    That’s why I’m doing everything in my power to convince you to join the Happiness Phenomena.

    You won’t regret it.

    Regular Price: $147

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    Like I recently told a close friend… “Santa Claus is not coming down the chimney to give you what you want. We’re not kids anymore. To get what we want, we must go get it.”

    Thank you very much for paying attention today. 

    If you have any questions, you can email me:

    Wylde Life Newsletter:

    I hope to hear from you soon!

    -Damon Wylde

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