When you ask for money you get advice, but when you ask for advice you get money.

Have you ever heard this saying before? This is an old cliché in Silicon Valley but like most clichés, when it is truly considered you’ll find just how real it is, to an extent you may not have recognized.

It means rather than immediately trying to go for the close or receive a paycheck, it’s wise to reframe your intentions first. Instead focus on giving AND gaining value first in other ways.

I’ll clarify this even further, so that this lesson is one you’ll never forget.

If you’ve ever had to ask someone for money, a deal or investment on their part and were declined; there was likely an important lesson attached as well.

If you’re a more life leader, you’re probably someone who sees lessons in almost everything (a very valuable skill to have) then you may have already practised this concept without realizing it.

Often when you ask someone for money, you end up gaining a valuable insight regardless of whether they give you the money.

The insight can show itself in several ways: why you aren’t getting money, advice to make money, or a sign that you need a change in your strategy.

I truly believe that if whoever you ask is wise enough, he’ll give you advice instead.

“But I’m all about my money moves!? Why would he just give me advice?”

This is because he realizes the power of knowledge can make you much more money permanently!


When you ask for money, you get advice.

There is also a ton of value to be found in struggle, and learning how to do things on your own plays one of the most vital roles in success.

We tend to take for granted that which is given to us without effort.

So with this huge paradigm shift we just made, you can see just how much better advice is to receive anyway.

When you ask for advice, you get money?

Contemplate this for a minute. If the advice you receive is worth 10x what you really wanted, do you think you won or lost?

You’ve been given the opportunity to put such advice into action and therefore get what you wanted.

How else might asking for advice lead to money?

Well, the person you asked for advice may be so impressed by your willingness to learn, that he just helps you out anyway.

A lot of people ask me “Damon, how do I get someone to be my mentor?”

Here’s the formula:

  1. Ask for advice.
  2. Take immediate action on it.
  3. Report back to them and let them know that you did it.


Do not expect anything more from them or ask them for anything at all.  Simply demonstrate to them that you are someone who will actually listen to what they tell you.

This is an effective strategy because if they like you, the mentor- mentee relationship just flows from there on out.

Remember, the most important key in getting a mentor is; “What kind of value can I offer them?”

And guess what? You know how shit goes down at MoreLife. So tomorrow; I’m revealing 10 hidden ways that you’ll be able to GIVE value, even if you have no money or connections yet.

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