I love it when life throws curb balls don’t you?
It’s like twists to the plot.
Like how today I’m giving you examples of how to give value even if you have no money or connections to give.
Let’s start with passion. Did you know that passion is a leading trait of charisma?
When you show real, authentic passion for your product or service, or excitement for just being alive it hits right at the core for others.
People want to trust you when you’re passionate. They “buy in” both literally and figuratively to your vision.
You can also give people value by being highly certain in yourself, certain in the vision and certain in everything you’re doing and saying.
Remember that certainty is amoral. It’s more important for you to be certain than always right. Got it dude?
This may seem incredibly controversial…
But fuck it, this is Morelife. You know what else is of HUGE value?
Your motherf*cking time and energy.
Protect it like your life depends on it…because it does.
You could make a million dollars, lose it and then make it all back again.
Over and over.
However if you’re 80 years old, you can’t go back in time to 20 again.
Your time is valuable and it should be treated as such; hence why my mission is to help you become your most dominant and successful self.
After a while, your time will be regarded as valuable. People will pay you money for your time.
The secret is kaizen. You grow your value daily through consistent spiritual, financial and personal growth.
That’s why we invest in coaches, courses and books.
We call this investing in your-self first.
The amount you get back will be the equivalent to the value you give to the world.
Most P.D coaches would stop right there…but since my name is Damon Wylde, I’m just going to keep giving more value.
Recommendations of books, mentors and ideas are all very valuable.
You can also give “value” through connections.
I’m talking about the connections your brain makes when it connects something you already know to something that you could contribute to a discussion.
Just like how you can make a connection about which of the massive variety of learned skills, traits, relationships or knowledge that you’ve discovered in your life you could give out to someone.
I think I just made that connection happen in your brain right now lol. Read this paragraph about 7 times.
Remember: INSIDE INFORMATION is value, EXCLUSIVITY is value, and so is ACCESS.
Hopefully I over-delivered on this one.
See you soon stud.