Have you ever recognized how time is all relevant anyway?

Like some things you do make the time go by faster. Some things make the time go by slower.

(Much slower) take school for example.

Remember sitting in class bored out of your mind while the teacher talked?

I remember the first and only job I ever had. I spent it staring at the clock, waiting for the time to pass and my shift to end, while I was slowly DYING inside.

Meanwhile as every hour striked, time was just slipping away. I wish I could have that time back, but I can’t. Time is non-refundable.

Can you believe all the time I spent not doing what I really wanted to be doing?

I mean have YOU ever felt like that in your life?

Have you ever just passively allowed your time to get WASTED?

It’s okay, we all have before. Just remember that you can’t return time.

You know what’s awesome? There are literally billions of resources on earth, available at any time.

Money   *  People

Success  &  Wealth

Connections   *   Opportunities

Chances  *  Answers

They’re abundant and made just for us, and they’re all capable of being made back again… And again, and again.

However you can’t get time back.

Why do you think investing your money into coaches, mentors, trainings, books and knowledge is so goddamn fucking important?

What else would you be spending your money on!?

Why do you think it bugs me so much that 99% of the population laughs off the idea of spending money on their personal growth, but they’re happy spending money the hottest or trendiest new shoe out or some shit?

When you invest in knowledge, you’re buying speed. You’re literally buying time.

This is how you win at life, and this is how you start using time to your advantage.

You have all the resources you will ever need. Just learn how to use them.

The world needs more people like you, people who love chasing their destinies, being an inspiration to those in their life.

However you choose to spend time, just make sure it’s for you.

Contribute to your happiness and growth, because you only get one life.

Just make it awesome.