Merry Thanksgiving!

Wait, did I say that right??
If you’re American, then today is a day all about Praise, Love, Appreciation…
…and FOOD. Lots of food. 🙂
Yet in between all of the turkey and stuffing, it’s easy to forget the true values that Thanks-giving is all about.
Instead of spending today fretting about your goals, ambitions and to-do list…
Respect the tradition of GIVING love and praise to those around you in your life today.
Love is not just a verb… it’s a virtue that stems from empathy.
The feeling of “Love” can be tapped into and expressed through the act of giving love (outwards.)
**Today, Practise these 3 words…**
1. Acceptance.
2. Appreciation.
3. Affirmation.
Accept all, Appreciate everything, and Affirm yourself and others and I promise you will feel more joy and love in your life instantly..
Remember: Not just today, but every day… that “Giving” is about boundless appreciation of the people and things around you.
Here’s a quick list of things that I’m super thankful for…
-My business
-My supportive family
-Chances, Growth & endless opportunities…
-Books & Wisdom
-Challenges in my Life
-Friends & Mentors
-Every experience I’ve had. (good and bad…)
-Crazed persistence towards goals.
-Equanimity (You can add that one to your vocab;)
-Being born in a first world country.
-Food on the table and shelter
-My Students & Men-tee’s.
-Team MoreLife
-My focus, hustle & ambitions.
– Air…
One last thing…
I’d like to say thank you for your unconditional love and support. I am grateful and blessed to have you all in my life.
God bless you.
Happy Thanksgiving.
-Damon Wylde.
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