Stress is the cause of your bad habits.

A couple of wise things a man can learn from his grandmother.

“Damon, life is shorter than you think, and sometimes it gives you shit. You know what you do when that happens? You laugh.”  

Those were some wise (also drunken) words from my grandmother, whom I recently visited.

I really admire that statement. It holds an underlying truth that a lot of people are still blind to.

Most take life way too seriously. They forget that at any moment they could die, or the sun could explode and everything they did or worried about up to that point would be meaningless.

Don’t let this scare you. It’s actually great because it reminds us the real value of life.

If you were to ask me “what is the point of life?” I would say this…

Just be awesome.  Aha, it sounds so simple right? The most undeniable, point of existence that we know of so far is to be awesome, by feeling awesome and doing awesome things for yourself and the people you encounter in your life.

Isn’t it true?

Back to the story of my grandmother…

You see, about a year ago she quit smoking. She had smoked for 60 years of her life, until her doctor told her she couldn’t smoke any longer without seriously damaging her lungs.

My mother smoked cigarettes for 30 years as well, quit smoking for 6 years when I was young, and resumed smoking right around when I was 12 (and has ever since).

I tried getting my mother to quit on numerous occasions but with no luck. In fact she was completely stubborn about even hearing it.

I wondered what the difference was between the two of them for the longest time until something came to me.

Whenever I am stressing excessively over my work, I tend to eat a lot more food. How does this relate?

Overworking causes me to fall back into bad habits as comfort.

It should be of no surprise that stress CAUSES the reaction of a bad habit.

My mother whom  you could say is uptight, (plus the stress of providing and looking after her family, had looked to cigarettes as an escape from her stress.)

It’s the same reason people are led to abuse drugs, alcohol or food.

*MoreLife Exclusive Discovery*…Stress is a massive trigger for bad habits!

As for my grandmother? She’s retired and happy.

She has a family that keeps her company and she spends her time as she pleases.

She has little stress to push her towards bad behaviors at this point and for her, quitting cigarettes was as easy as being asked to try somewhere new to eat.

This is the message I wanted to share today: A big key to ending addictions, or simply avoiding bad habits is too eliminate stress.

Like my grandmother would say; “Life is short.” So choose wisely what to stress about.

P.S..Your work does not have to stress you out! As long as you’re being pulled towards it.


Have a beautiful day.