So you’ve made it here to this page.

That already tells me about you. You’re driven by action, and desire for success.

I felt very compelled to get this book in your hands for no extra charge.

I want to see your fastest possible transformation and the basic principles for success that I’ve laid out in here are a requirement to your growth and development.

Two reasons why people pay thousands for my coaching…

  1. Time is limited and essential. Coaching presents the opportunity to ask someone who has mastered his craft for his time and knowledge.


  1. We also have a bias in our brain that causes us to undervalue things that come to us for free. Think; advice, school, life .

Today we are a scarily entitled society.

Science shows us that we actually place LESS value and importance on things that acquire us to trade nothing back.

THIS IS YOUR FIRST SECRET TO MONEY MAKING: You Cannot Get Something From Nothing.

Someone who spends money, or effort to get a return, will receive tenfold his investment, because he understands the real value he’s getting, and it inspires him to get what he paid for.

Make sense?

For example, which is usually considered more valuable? High School or College?

College right! And is it high school or college that you are required to actually pay for?…

Just some food for thought.

You’ve received information in the form of a report, because the shifts you’re making with these new changes should flow freely into your actions. Read this book as many times as necessary.

Just remember that you cannot make something from nothing.

Success requires you to grab your nuts and take leaps and bet on yourself.


When you put your time, attention and resources into success,  the universe WILL reward you. It wants to see you MOVING. Taking risks, pulling the trigger, habit forming, kaizen and growth in every area of your life.

This is not ‘woo-woo’ advice!  These are literally the groundworks for success.

MONEY-MAKING SECRET #2 Wealth Seeks Movement.

The fastest route to “success” (social/financial/personal/short term/long term/ ANY success…Is to save the most amount of time possible…

Whatever you do, do not stop moving forward.

MONEY-MAKING SECRET #3: Money Loves Speed, Therefore Invest In Sooner.

Any opportunity that allows you to reach your goals or get ahead even faster than you were before should be taken immediately. Time isn’t on our side. This is why Steve Jobs was notorious for urging his company to constantly “invest in sooner!” by any money means necessary. Fortunately, we’ll make that money back. Time cannot ever be returned.

Success is found through guidance, it requires self-investment and leaps being made.

Okay so as we near the end, I know I said I was only going to give you three, but I’m going to over deliver for you once again.

Here’s the FOURTH and final bonus money-making secret.


Have you ever heard someone say; “There is no secret to success?”

I’ve heard that time and again and the funny thing is, it was always said to me by someone who didn’t have much money!

Ask anyone with a wealth of money and they’ll tell you, that there are actually many secrets to success, rather than one in particular.

Coaching is this epic blended pot of these secrets, all wrapped in one.

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