The Curse of Knowledge…

However I explain a concept won’t make as much sense to them as it does for me, but I don’t realize this because I understand it fully already.

Therefore, I must simplify it as best as possible.

What I’ve learned recently is that sometimes, success is found in the simple… I find this most apparent in moments when I find myself trying too hard while solving a problem, and the solution was incredibly simple.

I must stop trying, and start trusting that I can solve it by focusing my energy on a new way, and a new perspective.

You may be trying too hard to win something (or someone)…

Yet success truly lives within you, and therefore trying is not needed.

Start simplifying concepts for others, and for yourself.

You might find success in the simple.

P.S Remember, the key is simple, I underlined it twice.

– Damon Wylde