A common question I get asked is: “What’s your morning ritual?”

It’s true that a strategic and powerful morning routine is an integral part of every massively successful person’s day.

A mentor of mine once described morning rituals to me as; “A series of small things you do every morning in the same order that electrify your body, feed your spirit and put you in the necessary state to dominate your day.” I couldn’t think of a better way to say it myself.


There isn’t a perfect morning ritual. What works best for one person may not be the ideal routine for you. It’s quite personal and obviously relevant to your goals.

That’s why I have an epic article planned here. Today I won’t be sharing my morning ritual (however I have incorporated and been through many of these practises for years).

This is going to be massively impactful if put to good use and different from anything you’ve read online so far.

…The Mix and Match Morning Routine

Today I’m giving you a variety of the most powerful morning practices I’ve found over the years; this is your ready to use formula.

All that is required of you is to try out what you think suits you best. Keep the ones you like, screenshot it or write it down, and change it up every so often.


Here’s your Exclusive Morning Ritual Cookbook…



The two most important aspects of your day are the beginning and end. This essentially determines the rest of your day.

Of course as the ambitious, good-looking individuals we are, we want to conquer the beginning of our day the right way, in a way that fuels us massively.

The first essential part of your morning routine should involve state setting. Getting into your most positive and resourceful state can be achieved through a number of exercises. Here they are:

Journaling: Writing your goals, vision, things you love/are grateful for, what you’re excited about etc.

Passionate Ranting: Seriously, get your vocal chords warmed up and go on a tangent about the things that turn you on the most about yourself and your mission.

Thought Loops or Daily Affirmation: There’s no good reason not to include some type of positive reminders in your life to help you develop dramatically, and there’s no better time to review them than right when your feet touch the floor!



Kaizen is equally as important as state setting.

The first thing you want to do before you take your shower, is to shower in positive growth and exposure, before you are subjected to the more mediocre influences we face in our day to day.

Meditate: I believe meditation is one of the most important things you can add to a morning ritual. I meditate for 20 minutes every morning and despite other changes I’ve made in my morning rituals, meditation is the only one that makes a real noticeable difference on the quality of my day. It’s something I dedicate every morning to.

Read: Read something smart or philosophical early in the morning.

Self-Motivate or Set Goals For the Day: This may fall under journaling, but setting your intentions and goals for the day is an undeniable strategy to dominate every single day. More structure = More Freedom.

Alternatively, self-motivate and kaizen (kiy-zen: grow) by starting your day off with a video to watch and learn. Have you checked out my youtube channel yet?

Review Notes: Review your most important notes; lessons, ideas, principles, values, skill practise, whatever it may be. This instantly prioritizes your focus will be during the day.



Breaking some kind of sweat in the morning time is a great way to boost your mood and cognition during the day. I feel like I have more energy and clearer thinking after performing any one of these exercises:

Going for a quick jog or run: Great cardiovascular activity, and doesn’t require taking your ass all the way to the gym.

Walking: Going for a walk in the morning is actually VERY enjoyable! It’s usually very quiet and peaceful. It gives me time to plan and it often inspires some of my best ideas.

Hitting the gym: I used to get up at 4am so I could hit the gym before school. By the time school started, I was already pumped, more sociable and focused. Don’t worry if you can’t fit this into your mornings, but it really does provide an increase in your general state and mood.



You’ve pretty much conquered the morning so far, but you’re still left with the necessary essentials such as breakfast, showering and getting ready.

Here’s some pro advice if you’re super serious about dominating your day:

  1. Eat a healthy and full breakfast, taken with vitamins and omega 3s.
  2. Dress to impress. The clothes you wear don’t just affect how others perceive you. It significantly impacts your confidence and attitude as well.
  3. Try a cold shower. They provide you with energy, adrenaline and increase your ability to handle tension. It’s been proven to reduce stress and improve your mood. It doesn’t dry out your skin as much as hot water does either.

Remember, you don’t need to use everything you’ve just learned! Pick one from each category and start implementing them as soon as tomorrow.

Good luck champ.