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happiness - installation method...

the #1 step by step instruction manual to freedom and inner joy,
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What if you had all of life's deepest secrets sitting in the palm of your hand?

What if you had so many differentsuccess certain ways to attain joy and freedom... that you literally became like a total people-magnet?

Let's not kid around here.

You're reading this page because you want to know one thing... It's the same thing we all want...


Joy, freedom, ecstasy... whatever you wanna call it.

You no longer want to suffer from feeling unhappy or frustrated again. Like, EVER again.

"But Damon, I'm too old... to young... too broke... too rich.... too stupid... too smart... to skeptical... too gullible"


The Facts are This:

1. You're not satisfied.

2. You know you can go further.

What you've tried in the past isn't working & your next 5 years will look just like the last five unless you do something different!

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You can't afford to miss out on this any longer!

How many more peers need to overshadow you before you step up?

How many more unsatisfied days are you willing to suffer through?

'The Great Shortcut' that I'm about to share is the cure you're life's been dying for...(literally)...You'll start to feel a surge of power within 5 minutes of using this product.

Are you the type of person who takes action towards their dream, or someone who just watches others get theirs?

What is there to think about?

Aren't You

Tired Of...

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    Not feeling fulfilled even when you get what you were after?... 
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    Missing out on valuable OPPORTUNITIES  because you were drained of energy?...keep reading.
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    Feeling lost or overwhelmed in a sea of self-help that didn't help?...keep reading.


You want, need, and demand to feel more alive, happy and more powerful than ever right?

I mean, who wouldn't?


How much better would your life be if instead of being controlled by your could literally pick and choose what you felt any time you wanted!

But I didn't always feel this way. The truth is, I used to feel totally stuck!

enough was enough,

I wasn't just gifted with the knowledge revealed in this comprehensive guide.

I discovered them through a long, hard journey I was forced to embark on all alone.


It felt like I kept getting shot back every time things were going good.

It wasn’t until I reached my breaking point (I decided I couldn’t just run away from my problems all my life) And how I was feeling was not a satisfying way to live life.

I had my "enough is enough" moment.

I knew I had to turn it around fast. I became driven to discover why some people seemed to just breeze through life so care-freely while others like myself were having such a hard time.

"Why not me?"

"Why is it so hard?"

Well here's what I found out... 

You see, I've just written a new book entitled: 

The 34 Laws of Happy...

But there are 3 things you should know...

Number One

This is NOT another typical, boring self-help book that makes you feel good but gives you ZERO results. 

So if that's what you're looking for, then this probably isn't for you.

Number Two

It is very expensive. And therefore not for those who aren't willing to implement the methods, tactics and techniques described within. 

Number Three

Each one is GUARANTEED to work. I've personally not just tested, but PERFECTED each method. These proven strategies will not only enhance your daily life, I've given you the exact formula and instructions for each one. I've practically done all the work for you!

So if you're NOT serious about gaining this kind of an advantage, possessing information that puts you WAY above the rest of's probably best you don't invest at all.

To Help you decide, here are
some of the secrets revealed inside:

  • How to set your moods and change your emotions (Method #2)
  • The "Shock Trick" to choose whatever state you want + "The Powerhouse Formula "(Method #5) 
  • How to let go of past traumas & diving into your subconscious mind (Method #31)
  • This simple strategy creates instant momentum for the rest of your day (Method #8)
  • Celebrity Success Secrets: Find out Russel Brand's spirituality secrets... Where does Tyler the Creator's charisma come from? (Methods #6 & #29)
  • The 'Brain Trick' Formula that adds or removes personality characteristics... (Methods #2-4)  
  • REVEALED: How to eliminate worries (Chapter #16)
  • The advanced methods inside the book are so simple to perform, they can be deployed at any time for HUGE surges in energy!
  • Genius personalization tips for your personality. (Other so-called "P.D" products are way too vague and general, which is why I'm confident my system beats everything else out there) 
  • The often overlooked Power of The Perception Advantage. (Method #7)
  • The 'Ancient Neuro-Plasticity Gift' to rewire thinking habits (My Final Message)

THE MOST IMPORTANT power technique in my repertoire - bar none. Use all of these tactics in this manual but please... for the love of everything holy... Use THIS one consistently!


Did you know 90% of people ONLY feel good when they're buying or experiencing something new?

The truth is, it's NOT their fault. The media LIES to you about what makes you happy. 

Think about how you feel when you get a brand new phone... or a new car... it's pretty satisfying isn't it?

This is because when you buy something, you're brain releases a chemical called dopamine: the "feel good" chemical.

And the more the media convinces you that spending money is the way to release it.. the more money they can make right? 

Eventually that feeling subsides and you're left looking for the next thing to buy to get that same feeling.

But i'll show you how to...


...Without having to spend a penny.

This is the exact type of thing you've always wanted but have never been able to find in other so-called self help manuals.

With The 34 lawsnothing is held back!


A week before I released this program I decided to get feedback, I needed to know these strategies would land like an atom-bomb for anybody who put them to work...

I chose 4 people.
Here's what they had to say...

Ben C., Philadelphia 

"More people need to hear from someone like you!"

“Yo Damon!

I've only read 15 of the laws right now but I had to write you...this is some of the best material I've ever been through (and I read a fair share of self help) or at least I used to. For now on, I'm just going to read you.

Chapter 4 has got to be my favourite so far...

especially the "re-frame" method!!

But your formula was amazing as well bro!

Talk to you soon man, and keep doing what you're doing, more people need to hear from someone like you.”

Andrew P, UK

"The value far exceeded the price"

“The paradigm shifts, the techniques, the whole personality brought a whole new me out...At some point, you really start to think, wow, how did I miss this? 

When you introduced me to the science of nueroplasticity, the power of the physiology/mental link and the framer secret but it wasn't until I tried it, and really experienced it,

I couldn't believe that this was actually REAL.

(BTW, the trauma release exercise was mind blowing! You could've sold that separately for the same price!) Now, I have a whole new outlook on my entire life, I feel so much lighter! Amazing stuff!

Your trainings are more than trainings to feel "incredible" like the headline says. They're lifetime trainings, The value far exceeded the price. Thank you my friend.

-Andrew P

Shay F, Canada

"It's hard to believe I've gotten so much out of a few quick tricks everyday!"

"Hey Damon, before I begin, I wanted to say that I rarely give feedback on anything for anybody.


However, because of the 'sneak peek' you gave me into your product I decided I'd give it a shot. I wanted to let you know and your readers know your products WORK. I've been struggling lately with the stress of work and school and I tried some of the methods in the book, within the last couple days I've felt happier, more relaxed, not to mention a big increase in energy!

It's hard to believe I've gotten so much out of a few quick tricks everyday haha! Thanks so much."


Vincent W, New York

"Really pushed me over the edge.."

“Hi, I appreciate you reaching out to me for my testimonial. I'll admit, It is not typical of me to invest in an online product so I was skeptical of this one before I read it. Boy, was I wrong! 

Methods in your book have helped me with problems I had been struggling with for a while, such as depression, low energy etc. Before this, people would treat me terribly and when things weren't going my way, I just LET it happen!

It's only been a week but I've implemented so much and I'm already noticing huge shifts my life. My friends are telling me that I seem "different" and more alive! (Which is funny because I'm 54) 

This book has really pushed me over the edge.. if anyone out there is hesitant to buy this book, trust me when I say, it is FAR worth the investment!!! One of the better decisions I’ve made. 

Thank you Damon!”

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And we've only scratched the surface. 

Here's another taste of the...


Inside of what people are already calling 

'The Power Bible'...

  • New discoveries and findings, and the magic of the success mechanism (Chapter#12)
  • Uncover buried, ancient concepts implementations from the world's greatest philosophers...Mind-bending (Chapter 16)
  • The 'Secret Energizer Triad' that astonishingly (and very quickly) makes you feel like you're on drugs (don't worry, you won't need to consume a thing.) (Method #6)
  • How to trigger instant (and very subtle) shifts in reality...without really having to do a thing. (Method #7)
  • Learn how to leverage your environment using the underground Law of Primers. Use this to your advantage to anchor positive, intense emotions. (Method #14)
  • 3 little questions formulated to trigger a physical reaction in your body. + Swipe my personal list of loaded sentences that are guaranteed to produce life-changing results when you put them to the test. (Method #3)
  • Wanna know how to create a new deep, powerful, HUGELY supportive belief system so deceptively powerful that it'll feel like you're bending reality to your will? (Use this only with GOOD intentions) (Method #4)  
  • This genius exercise is a fool-proof way to tap into an inner energy source... These energized body movements will flood your body and mind with good hormones, release tension and transmit a powerful positive aura over time, leading you to be a magnet of positive energy to others. (Don’t freak out! It’s not mystical, magical or superstitious BS… b**********cs is a powerful force available to you right now. Here’s how to tap into it… (Method #16)
  • An unpredictable and downright magical trick... (Method #7)
  •  One FINAL message that you're not going to wanna miss out on.. (Final Chapter)

I love this 'cause not only is it the greatest life hack of all...

When you act it out...
You make whatever you want a reality.
Does that sound good with you?


Powerful Psychology Findings + How YOU can use them to get ahead...

STEP BY STEP: Advanced action steps, instructions and fully detailed explanations.

ADDITIONAL: A fully loaded, value-packed chapter dedicated to hidden exercise, lifestyle and nutrition secrets

BONUS: Supplement Guide

Mental Dominance Stack

  • My breakthrough personal formula revealed: The Secrets to My Success

time is
 running out

So act now before it's too late. Because guess what? When they're gone... they're gone! If this page is still here, then the offer is live. But we reserve the right to take it down at any moment. Good things come to those who make decisions boldly. Those who wait around end up missing out. This book is giving you everything you require to leave your past failures behind you. What’s even cooler is all the doors it opens up after… I'm asking you to forget everything that didn't work for you before

How could you have known? When we live in a world of misled advice. However my book has led many others who didn't have anything to having : more money, more friends, better relationships and increased connections. Pretty cool right? But if you'd rather spend money on junk or jewelry, be my guest. This book isn't meant for you. But if you'd like to become the type of person you once looked up to, and that others look up to, then you may have just found your secret weapon. You’re not only gaining knowledge from The Key… You’re gaining the tools to control your energy, mood, income and relationships for a lifetime. 

Take just a handful of these sure-fire methods and you’ll see how EASY it really is to get what you really want…

methods so effective experts predict they'll Be illegal within
12 months!

Just a reminder...

This book is not for you if:

You're not committed to your own greatness

You blame others for your problems

You will settle for a life of quiet desperation

I really don't want this in the hands of anybody who isn't ready to take on its full potential. This is meant for those who cares about themselves deeply and take opportunities when they come to them.

However this is yours if..

You’d much prefer taking matters into your own hands instead of waiting around.

Any success this brings you will not be used negatively

You refuse to get left in the dust.

You’d rather be projecting the kind of magnetic vibe that pulls others toward you.

Regular clients of mine will tell you I'm 

a BIG fan of the "state shock" technique.

There's something wired deep inside the brain that NEEDS you to have a default setting.

Choose to ignore it and you become an emotional slave.

Use it to your advantage...

And you
become unstoppable

You'll find out exactly how to master this tricky strategy and become a POWERHOUSE of strictly good energy inside The Key

Where did this secret come from?

It certainly didn't come from mainstream advice. The media was no help either, and everything else I was reading online was bullsh*t.

So where did it come from? 

I was determined to understand why accomplishment, riches and validation didn't fill the void so many felt.

Let me add some background here. I was one of those people. But it wasn't until a year later that it finally unraveled before my eyes...

And through my increasing obsession to discover the secret, my efforts led me to find a pot of gold at the end of rainbow, like it had been real after all...

Having the ability to transfer good emotions and great vibes into everyone who talks to you is like having a secret weapon.


It gives you power, influence and tons of connections.

You become like a celebrity in the eyes of others.

Do you want to know how to do it?

Good. You’ve landed yourself in the right spot.

But like any power, it should only for good.

Don’t buy the secret if your plan is to just manipulate others.

I only want to give the Key to those who want the best for themselves and for others.

I’m feeling generous.



What if I could tell you a secret that guarantees a 
giant breakthrough in your life
...and all I wanted in return was $1?

Imagine you just got home from work, and you feel DEAD.

But there's an important event that night that you had plans to go to. 

You feel tired, moody and unsociable but you don't wan't to reach for that cup of coffee for fear of the jitters.

What if I said, for a buck, I'd tell you how get into the perfect state. I'm talking energy tenfold, and infinitely increased charisma within a half hour, so you could OWN the night.

I'm talking FOR SURE. Like GUARANTEED.

And all I wanted was a buck.

Would you do it?

Of course!

Well I've got over 50 different ways. And all I'm asking for is $47 bucks.

It's a no brainer...

And the price really doesn't matter either way.


Because it comes with a cast-iron 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

You don't like it? You don't pay. Simple as that.

But I know as soon as you dip into this value-giving treasure chest you'll realize it's the bargain of the century.

So if you don't think it's worth AT LEAST 10 TIMES your investment...

I don't want your money.

And it couldn't be easier to order. Just hit the button below and follow the simple instructions.

Soon as your order goes through, you'll be granted immediate access...

Welcome to the power dome...

In high school, I had a friend named Jordan. Jordan was incredibly likable, fun and energetic. 

He was always ON.

I'll admit I was a little jelous. I didn't relate to that type of energy.

When he saw you his face would instantly light up and his energy would immediately get transferred into you too.

 He was simply magnetic.

I became close friends with him but the more I got to know Jordan, the quicker I began to realize he wasn't special.

In fact there were very particular things that he was doing that were creating his pull...

I synergized all of my most effective work & strategies into a POWERFUL, practical, Life-Transformative system!


Look, let’s be honest here.

When you look to gain knowledge on a certain subject, it is always better to learn from the guy who’s done it all, who’s experienced it himself 100% over the claimed expert. In fact, it bugs me that someone might be getting anything less than that. There’s too many self-proclaimed experts out there that really don’t give half the value they should be giving. I know what it’s like to invest in people not worth the effort.

Luckily, my expertise in this subject is based on facts. Not just research, but actual experience and results..

The day I decided to make a program of my own, I made a commitment to standing out. If I was going to put my best effort into this, it was going to be something truly deserving, something that could save people from money-wasters. No more temporary satisfaction or false pride. Permanent change ONLY.

Thus, I created something no one else had. Compiled knowledge on the greatest methods in the world regarding this subject.

Not just one or two, but multiple ways to achieve one desire outcome.

I’m filled with excitement, just writing this copy for you. Why? Because at my core I’m certain I’ve done just that. I know from the countless success stories I hear from people that it worked for. Maybe that reads dramatic but it comes from the heart.

It's finally here!

THE 34 Laws of happiness

Original Price:$97
Today Special Launch Price: $47



Chapters 1-10: Outer

-Proven Methods and Techniques

-The Unbeatable Secret Strategies

Chapters 11-20: Inner

The mind altering concepts you've been waiting for.

Today I'm successful, evolved, and driven, In fact I feel great. Like, all the time. Everyday I wake up full of energy and excited about life. That's not a brag. I want you to know that this change can happen in anyone. It can happen for you.

My point is this: I'm living a life that at a time not so long ago, was merely a dream for me. A life I longed for but didn't believe was possible.

I learned several valuable things along the way that led me here.


Guess what? You will never have to embrace the trial and error that I did.

I've done that for you and I've compiled all my findings right here.

Not only are you bypassing that, you're gonna get there so much faster than I did.

You can have the same thing today..

In fact, I insist you have the same thing.

Life is better this way, trust me.

I Want That For You.
I Want MORE People To Experience What We're Experiencing. Right Now.

Because you know what? Life is never really lived unless you're striving for more and striving to become more. 

This is not about being

"ungrateful" or "selfish" as many other unhappy people will try to tell you. 

We're here to live our lives fully. But HOW can we do that if we aren't getting what we want?

 We live moment to moment. Wouldn't you want to make the most out of as many moments as you could?

 Do you want to enjoy those moments so that when the day comes, that you are lying on your death bed, you don't look back and think "Why did I take it all so for granted?"

 Me neither. That's exactly what this book is about.

Do you think 1 in 400 are good odds? I think so.

What about 1 in 400,000?

Or 1 in 400 million..

400 billion?

How about 1 in 400 TRILLION?

Did you know the odds of your birth were

1 in 400 trillion?  Seriously.

Imagine flipping a coin 30,000 times in a row, it landing on its edge..

Every single time. Those are the same odds. Those are your odds.

Life is a celebration. It would be a shame to waste that...

Celebrate today by investing in your own happiness and success.

Don't miss this chance...

So is the price 

worth it to you?

Truthfully, I know this book should cost WAY more than it does. But not everyone wants to put loads of cash down on a book. I get it.

In order to make real changes, I'd like to get this in as many hands as possible. So you've gotten access for a lot lessIt's guaranteed to set off a bundle of epiphanies in you and I'm super excited about it. Hopefully you'll just take advantage of this offer while you still can.


And toss those old limiting views in the garbage. This is NOT just a book. We're talking about unlocking hidden gems you've never heard of. Gems that hold the power to dictate your life and dreams. How's that sound? Because truth be told, if $47 isn't worth changing your entire life, then maybe the life just isn't meant for you...​

real recognize real.

Ever hear the story of Ronald Wayne?

Ronald Wayne is the third founder of Apple, yet we rarely hear of him.

How come?

Only 2 weeks after buying his stake in apple, he figured it was too risky, so he bought out at $2300 because it was a "safer" option.

Today that stake would be worth 67 BILLION DOLLARS.

The lesson to be learned is that taking small risks is a necessary step to achieving anything.

Granted, I’ve still done my best to make this purchase risk-free.

Buying anything off the internet takes a certain amount of trust. A lot of the time, you won’t know exactly what you’re getting.

This is why my product has a 60 day money back guarantee.

No risk. No harm.

If this book doesn’t give you the results it guarantees, you’ll get your money back.

I believe in my products that much. As a natural born perfectionist, I can't allow myself to put out anything but the best. I trust myself and my customers to keep things ethical.

Hopefully I add so much value to you through this book that you’ll become a fan and this will be the start of a great relationship.

What You're Getting:

  • check
    Maximum Power and Control 
  • A full Guide to unlock inner joy
  • Energy Rocket Fuel
  • REAL Actionable Methods to Transform Your Personality
  • The Next Step in Your Evolution

That's only the tip of the iceberg...

The Key has been called a ‘compilation of valuable lessons’ by some. 

Others call it a ‘Complete How-To Guide’ to feeling great 24/7.

What I haven't told you, is that some of what you're getting inside here is being used by the world's most charismatic leaders.

The Key will not only make you happier and completely re-wire your life outlook, it’s also going to give you:

  • Increased confidence
  • More connections
  • Advanced insider knowledge to WIN in each area of your life
  • Insights on the mindsets of the most carefree stars
  • Powerful psychological tactics that you can use to your own benefit.
  • Included fast and easy instructions that anyone could follow!

The Damon Wylde
Cast-Iron Guarantee

But don't take my word for it. When you download The 34 Laws, here's exactly what I want you to do: 

Quickly flip to chapter 10 and read the one technique I give you on that page. Put the book down, and forget about it, for now.

Armed with this technique - this one technique, only - I want you to perform it just twice some time that day. Tomorrow, do the same thing. 

If this technique doesn't succeed in rewiring your state to some degree, then I want you to come back and get a complete,

money-back refund. I'm that sure this technique will work for you.

When you love it, try other techniques, guaranteed to rocket-fuel you.

  • Enjoy getting to wake up every morning from now on, charged and ECSTATIC to start your day... (Once upon a time I thought that was impossible. HA!)
  • When you're feeling moody or having a crap day, imagine just flipping open this book on your device to a brand new technique, and within minutes your day is changed... 
  • Enjoy watching everyone else be so drawn to your energy, for the first time now YOU have your pick of the litter...
  • AND the next time things aren't going your way... quickly using the framing method to FLIP it on its head...

...With a sly smirk on your face and absolutely no stress in your body, you'll feel satisfied with your new found advantages in every corner of your life.

In fact I guarantee my TWENTY CHAPTERS of tricks and secrets will have you so satisfied with your new life within 30 days... you may never claim you "woke up on the wrong side of the bed" ever again...or... I'll give you a prompt and courteous refund.

You see, when you know my keys to attract happiness, power and change into your life, you either have success or you pay nothing.

You truly have nothing to lose. So click the "Buy Now" button you see on this page and join the rest of us inside right now.

Damon Wylde

Last Chance

P.S There's a zero catch to this offer. This isn’t a membership program,

It’s a onetime payment to a new you.

But you gotta understand, I’m not luckier, smarter or more creative than you in any way. Not in the slightest.

I just flipped this switch and my whole life was forever changed as a result.

So what’s that worth?

What’s it worth to confidently go forward in the future always feeling how you should?

What’s it worth to make a decision that’s not only successful, but incredibly satisfying?

Knowing that you’re no longer not in control?

That’s gotta be worth atleast a grand. 

You’re getting inside information on how to transform yourself no matter where you are at this point.

 Information that’s clearly worth 100X more and I’m practically giving it away.

Don’t procrastinate and miss out!

So go ahead and click the button below and let’s get your PDF download instantly sent straight to your device.

"In the end, the only one who can help you is you.”

-Frank Sinatra

Only you can click. Only you can apply it to your life.

That’s why I’m doing everything in my power to convince you to join in this powerful phenomena.

You won’t regret it.

Get Your Copy of
THE key!

P.P.S: This really is a limited offer, and they are going quicker than expected.

Don’t miss out on this!

If anything I said has flipped a switch in you or you felt anything, then you owe it to yourself to try this book out today.


Like I recently told a close friend… “Santa Claus is not coming down the chimney to give you what you want. We’re not kids anymore. To get what we want, we must go get it.” 

If you have any questions, you can email me:

I hope to hear from you soon!

-Damon Wylde

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