We’ve been lied to.
Getting a job is not the “safe route”. Its never been the safe route.
When I was 10 years old, my dad got laid off from work.
He worked for some big soap company that had moved it’s operations to the states and so they had to let him and every other worker go.
Of course this brought a lot of struggle for our family and over the course of a few years we were dirt poor, in debt and constantly hustling to stay afloat. While my dad had to fight the stress and tension he must have felt about being able to provide for his own family. He even went back to school to study mechanics.
You’re getting baited…
See, my dad had believed what so many others were told to believe…
That finding a normal “well paid 9-5 job” was the best and safest route. Shooting for anything higher than that is “too risky”.
This is what society tells us and it’s a huge joke. People face the pain of getting laid off or fired, just like my father and it happens ALL THE TIME.
That doesn’t sound “safe” to me at all.
It sounds like a trap.
The truth is that risk is a part of life. There will be risk no matter what you do.
I’d feel much safer taking care of myself. Carving my own path instead of relying on somebody else to pay me. It seems to me that literally the safest option is to TAKE MORE risk.
Risk betting on yourself and investing in yourself and being more. Instead of investing in a vacation, invest in a new skillset that can make you lots of money or find and develop your talents.
That’s the lesson I’m giving you today.
If your truly want to feel “secured” in life, be willing to invest in yourself first.
Don’t focus on finding a job, focus on finding yourself.
READ THIS TWICE: You can MAKE money and LOSE it all and it wouldn’t matter. If you are somebody with the skills and smarts to succeed, then you’ll never have to worry about being broke. You could lose money and make it back again, and again since it’s a part of you, and to you, money is in abundance.
Make sense? Read it till you realize it.