I’m not your guru…


I thought Tony Robbins’ recent Netflix special “I Am Not Your Guru’ was totally awesome..

But in today’s advice we’re not really going to be talking about my love for Tony Robbins…

You’re going to read about how you can be even more magnetic and compassionate in your relationships.

We all make mistakes. I’m here to help you correct some of them that I’ve learned in my experience.

Life is all about lessons and growth, don’t you agree?

The biggest mistake I commonly see in a client’s relationship is a result of two harmful habits…

  1. Stubbornness in one’s beliefs, and an outward projection of their own negative, or resentful emotions. (At first sight, you may believe your partner or spouse is behind the cause of your emotions, but it’s 99% likely that whatever you’re projecting is caused by a dissonance inside of yourself that you’re avoiding. So get to the cause of it.)
  1. The second, and polar opposite mistake in a relationship is avoidance. If you’re a guy who’s used to avoiding issues in your relationship, you are cutting off a level of respect and trust from your partner.

As a man, you’re woman is not asking you to speak to her “rationally” all the time, especially in times of disagreement. You do not want to avoid her or back down when she’s expressing her feelings either.

Always stand your ground when your partner expresses themselves (even if they are sitting in Mistake ‘A’ by projection of negative energy.)

Being meek, unassertive or passive are among the worst methods to respond.

Do you want to know the best way to handle a situation?

Sometimes the solution is as easy as changing that person’s emotions…

Flip a bad reaction on it’s head.

Respond by being the source of GOOD emotion instead.

This can become an upward spiral for you, simply by choosing to respond with acceptance, humour or lightheartedness…

Hopefully this was enlightening to any of you who are going through new changes and challenges in your love life.

Until next time,


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